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The speakers:

Margarita Loktionova, Content Marketing Lead at Semrush Connect on LinkedIn

Samantha Lerner Kobrin, VP of Marketing at Obsess Connect on LinkedIn

The quote to remember:

<aside> 💬 “AI can help brands to communicate more effectively at every stage of the buyer's journey, creating content that’s more relevant, more data driven, more personalized. With the right approach and human oversight, the content can even increase in quality.”


Actionable insights from the session

Most people want to do two things; build great engagement with their audience and drive sales. We live in a 3D world, but spend the majority of our time in a 2D environment (online). It seems inevitable that these immersive dynamics of the real-world will make their way into our online world. Gaming-fluent users especially expect their online experiences to be increasingly visual, interactive and gamified.

No matter the technology, the essence of content marketing will always remain about genuine and original experiences. A lot of change will instead come from how we organize the content production process. AI can help us create a lot more, faster, but also make experiences more personalized through the ability to analyze more data than ever before.

If you don’t use AI, you as a marketer or as a brand will lose to your competition. But expecting it to do the entire strategy for you and create all your content is not realistic and will damage your brand. It should be combined with human oversight and original insight.

Attention spans are shorter than ever, and brands are looking for ways to capture people’s attention fast. Gamification is an ideal solution for this, as you’re actively engaging with your audience. They’re getting to know you as a brand while also engaging with your products and services. This leads them to be more loyal customers.

Immersive experiences are an inevitable evolution of where we are today. When we think about things like the metaverse, the concept didn’t really work out as it seemed too big and too futuristic, but immersive environments seem like a more tangible stepping stone to get us to that place. People are looking for experiences that are gamified and accessible to all.

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