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The speakers:

Morgan Lehmann, Senior Director of Product & Solutions Marketing at SurveyMonkey Connect on LinkedIn

Eric Van Susteren, Director, Content Marketing at SurveyMonkey Connect on LinkedIn

The quote to remember:

<aside> 💬 “Research can help you balance relevance with the issues people are facing, it makes your content super-popular and generates tons of leads”


Actionable insights from the session

Constantly conduct surveys to understand how prospects and customers feel about your message - that includes creative, taglines, ad copy and logos. Apply rigor when you analyze your findings, and remember: you may not get a slam-dunk on the results, but they’re still a valuable tool to guide your decisions

Know who you’re targeting, what their benefits and pains are, and what matters most to your target buyers. Refresh your market segmentation accordingly, and figure out the persona research you need to do - including what open questions you need to ask - to test your messaging and claims thoroughly.

When you present your work to your exec team, have the results from your research to hand. It means that when you’re questioned on the choices you’ve made, you have solid data behind you.

Inspire a culture of curiosity at your organization, where leaders encourage teams to bring data to the table as they make decisions and plan content. Provide the right tools so staff can conduct research, and always think about which team is the most appropriate to uncover the data on product, customer insights or brand.

Remember that research should touch everything you do. Data can help you tweak your messaging, your product strategy, the language and elements you use in your content. Including valuable research data in your content can make it more believable and authoritative.

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