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The speaker:

Natalie Lambert, Founder & Managing Partner at GenEdge Consulting Connect on LinkedIn

The quote to remember:

<aside> 💬 “Marketers are not going to be replaced by AI, but by marketers using AI.”


Actionable insights from the session

Use AI to take the grunt work out of tasks, so your teams can focus on their unique skills. For instance, AI can take the heavy lifting out of content creation, allowing your teams to focus on adding the finishing touches. AI can be your collaboration partner, helping you look for ideas and opportunities. And it can also cultivate skills so you can deliver more in-house.

AI is great for creating secondary assets from your own original content - and it can do it across different media. It can help you turn a long-form blog post into a series of social posts, a graphic, or even a video. AI can help you get more value from your content, fast.

Compare the benefits and savings of AI against doing things the ‘old-fashioned’ way. Use core metrics like time, cost, performance and creativity to gain insights into where AI makes the biggest difference for you. You might find that AI saves you time and money, or it might incur an additional cost. Weigh up the gains you see in performance and creativity to work out what works best for your organization.

When your organization begins using AI, keep your ethical guidelines in mind. Ask yourself whether the AI you’re using - and the results you’re getting - are a good fit for the mission of the company. That way, you can keep everything aligned and stay authentic.

If you’re not sure where to start, try – simply type in what you want and it’ll show you thousands of apps that could help you complete your task. Begin experimenting and exploring to see what results you can get.

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