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The speaker:

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs Connect on LinkedIn

The quote to remember:

<aside> 💬 “When we talk about storytelling in a business context, it’s not about fables and fairytales, it’s about learning to tell a true story well.”


Actionable insights from the session

Storytelling is embedded in marketing. It shouldn’t just be about numbers and thinking about things from a factual standpoint, it should be artistic as well. The best thing about storytelling is it’s a mix of both of those things - we want to drive results but we also want to connect with the people we care the most about reaching.

In a post-COVID world, we’ve seen companies talking in more accessible ways. The next generation doesn't resonate with corporate speak in B2B or B2C. Audiences are demanding a more human approach and companies have to respond to this appropriately.

The fast development of AI is a bit of a wake-up call to marketers, but it also gives us an opportunity to think more deeply about the content we create and how we can use AI to make us more creative.

Authenticity is the word of the year in 2023. We all strive for that in our content, but there’s a lot of confusion over what it actually means. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is overthinking it - focusing too much on the structure and not the actual story. Your audience doesn't need a huge build up, just get to the story.

  1. It’s true: all great stories are real
  2. It’s human: stories that are told at a human scale
  3. Your customer is the hero: customer stories are always the most effective
  4. Tension: find a problem to solve