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The speakers:

Tania Rahman, Social Media Director at Fast Company Connect on LinkedIn

Sean Duggan, Filmmaker and Advertising Executive at September Swell Productions Connect on LinkedIn

The quote to remember:

<aside> 💡 “Video can play a central role in your strategy, it’s a way to get the story across in a different medium.”


Actionable insights from the session

To get the best value and results, think about what’s really needed to create compelling and authentic content that will help you achieve your goals. For instance, a behind-the-scenes video or an opinion piece by a journalist are often best made using a camera phone to make things feel real and immediate. A documentary or longer form piece of content might need the high production value of a shoot. Consider archive footage to add texture.

Always consider user behavior on social media from the very beginning - think how your audience will view and engage with your content across different platforms so you can plan your videos accordingly. Take highlights from your content and use PlayPlay to convert it into short-form videos that give a sense of your story to encourage users to explore your brand further.

The content landscape is constantly changing - trends move quickly, consumers change fast, and these can vary between platforms. Listen to what works for your different audiences so you can optimize and repurpose your existing long-form content to capture your users’ attention.

Video can have a wide variety of comms purposes that depend on what you’re trying to say and who you want to connect with, so set your KPIs accordingly. This might be the number of views, or it could be something else - like engagement or click-through. Monitor each video’s performance against its objectives to understand what works for your brand.

Give video a whirl in your content creation and distribution - try out several approaches and gradually learn what resonates with your audience. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because AI makes developing ideas faster, simpler and cheaper. So crank out the content - the more you create and share, the more you’ll learn.

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