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The speaker:

Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and CMO at Orbit Media Studios Connect on LinkedIn

The quote to remember:

<aside> 💡 “We’re going to see things come out of ChatGPT that are not good, we don’t necessarily trust it at all! We’re going to have to improve the responses it gives to us, but if we can get 20% greater efficiency, that is a huge win.”


Actionable insights from the session

The people who are the best at AI are the ones who break their tasks down and ask if there is a specific use case for AI to help it be more accurate. Even writing an article is made up of loads of different tasks, such as audience research, brainstorming ideas, writing outlines, writing first drafts, etc. Don’t expect AI to get it 100% right if you ask it to do it all in one go, break it up!

You need to feed your AI platform every piece of information you know about the audience so that it can write something useful. Who are they? What is their job title? Where do they live? What do they enjoy? Train it to act like your audience, save the persona when it’s right, then ask it questions.

Similarly, AI also needs to learn who you are and how you talk. The more you edit, the more it learns. If it uses words you don’t like, tell it to stop.

There are a lot of things that tools like ChatGPT can’t do for us, including adding internal links, specific examples, supportive data and contributor quotes. This is how you can distinguish yourself and make sure your content ranks higher than the content created purely by AI.

One thing that will help content marketers stand out in the future is the ability to form and argue their opinion. Take a stand, differentiate yourself. AI can never have an opinion unless it is given one, this is where humans will stand the test of time.

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