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The speaker:

Maury Rogow, CEO @ Rip Media Group Connect on LinkedIn

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The quote to remember:

<aside> 💬 “The goal of a great story is to get people to ask what happens next.”


Actionable insights from the session

Your brand story is your superpower, but telling them via PowerPoint isn’t going to get your story across - you need to think Hollywood. We live in a story economy, and by getting your story right now will help you to thrive in the future.

Among Maury’s 10 commandments of great stories, we learned that people love to hear stories of underdogs. Even the biggest brands still hark back to their humble beginnings (think Jack Daniels, Apple, Amazon); it’s how they relate to their audience and speak to them on the right level. Underdog storytelling is a compelling way to show people who you really are.

People now expect more and more from brands they love, and the interactions they have need to be excellent. The distinction between real value and perceived value becomes evident when someone invests in your narrative – serving as a clear indicator that they not only recognize the difference but also hold a sense of knowing, liking, and trusting in you.

Every scene of a film must be vital, or it’ll be cut. The same applies to your brand story. Make sure it touches at least one of the following emotional levers: