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The speaker:

Melanie Gaboriault, Global Head of Corporate Communications at Hootsuite Connect on LinkedIn

The quote to remember:

<aside> 💬 “When you think about the sheer breadth of social, you think about 4.7b users around the globe, it’s really where connections that drive business value are created, scaled and realized.”


Actionable insights from the session

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s relationship isn’t just personal, it’s a new relationship between two brands. NFL and Swifties. We’ve seen this relationship move through 3 stages:

  1. Awareness: listening to each other and sharing information
  2. Relevance: becoming more of a two-way street, doing things for each other
  3. Significance: once the trust is built, showing up where it matters

42% of marketers don’t know their audience,  let alone what makes them tick. You really need to think about who you’re talking to on social media. While it may feel like you can talk to anyone at any time, you only need to focus your attention on the people within your unique audience.

All day long, your customers are telling you their needs, their wants and their biggest pain points. It comes down to us to listen and really tap into our social media teams to get this data. There isn’t anyone in your company who is closer to what your customers want than the social media team!

A great social strategy is where you consistently add value to the relationship you have with your customers, so that you can extract this further down the line. Melanie outlined the 90/10 rule of providing 90% engaging, useful information to your followers, which then means your 10% sales messaging works much harder. It should be a 2 way street, but much more in their direction.

Creating quality content that provides value is hard work. But research has found that people trust messaging from employees 8x more than they do from the brand itself. By empowering advocates in your business, they work as an extension of your social team and can help you drive your message home.