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The speaker:

Tyler Lederer-Plaskett, Marketing Communications Advisor at PlayPlay Connect on LinkedIn

The quote to remember:

<aside> 💡 “AI is now an essential part of marketing and content creation. You can now create a video from a single sentence”


Actionable insights from the session

First, log in to PlayPlay.com and create a free account and navigate to the AI Video Assistant to create your video with AI.

Keep it simple and concise. You can then add details to make your prompt more specific to your industry, target audience, location, language and tone of voice in the filter menu.

Our AI Video Assistant only needs a short prompt to create an entire video in 10 seconds. There’s no need to hold an expensive shoot, or take on lengthy post-production processes and costs. With our Getty partnership our AI video assistant will select royalty-free music, stock images, videos and text for you.

PlayPlay’s AI Video Assistant gets your video 90% of the way there. Then you’ve got the option to tweak text, color, layout, timing and subtitles with simple drag and drop editing. If you want to change the video clips, search the entire Getty library, or upload your own existing video content straight to the platform.

Our team is constantly expanding our AI Video Assistant. Soon you’ll be able to make use of new capabilities like script to voice, or using a URL directly as your prompt.

Your video content is ready to engage your audience, so get it out there by downloading the file, using a sharing link or directly publishing the video on a customizable landing page made in PlayPlay.